Deduct hours spent from daily workload report

The daily workload report works pretty fine, the only thing missing is that the hours already spent on a tasks are not deducted from the workload to come, so it is impossible to see the real workload of the workers....
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  • That is something we considered and it looks like something obvious on the surface, but only in the ideal world where the Estimated Hours will end up being the total of all spent hours. Which is almost never the case.

    Estimated Hours are just estimates. It tells you how much you THINK it will take to complete the tasks. While the reported hours via Progress Notes are the real hours. So there are all kind of scenarios. A task with Estimated 10 hours may have 1 hour reported. Does it mean it is 10% done? Not at all. And if it will be completed in 2 hours, how will it look jumping from 10% to 100%? And what if the task has already 20 hours reported and still not finished? Is the % of completion then 200%?

    What makes it even more complex, is that people also may report the % of completion, purely as a reference. So a task may be Estimated at 10 hours. A Progress Note was posted with 5 hours and 90% of completion... So purely looking at the hours reported we may think half of the work is done, but looking at the % posted it looks like we are head of the schedule - the reporting person thinks almost all work is done... but not necessarily, since tomorrow that person can post a new Progress Note with 50%, realizing it will take longer to complete the task...

    Basically, there are many issues when trying to take the reported already hours as an indicator of completion. Especially when it takes longer to complete something than estimated (usual scenario).

    This is why we recommend Workload Reports to check how much was is assigned to a person and not yet completed. And Time Report if you need to see how many hours are already reported and if it went over the Estimates.

    Daily Workload Report though can be helpful, as it estimates that everything will be completed on time. So if a task has a tomorrow deadline - it will only show it till tomorrow. So you will see a "gap" after that day, knowing that that person most likely will have time for other tasks. But if the tasks are not completed on time, they are all placed on "today". It means a big spike for "today" for a person most likely means many tasks are behind the schedule - a simple rollover will show those tasks in red. This is why Daily Workload Report only goes ten days into the future - because it changes daily, based on what tasks are completed on time or not.

    We are still looking into ways to implement what you suggested, most likely like an option.
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