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Two things. Does anyone offer a service in which they can be employed to review how a company uses 5PM and make suggestion of improvements? Also, is there a way to have customer emails forwarded into the 5pm system and to likewise send emails to customers from 5pm?
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  • We are not aware of somebody specific doing consulting on 5pm usage. 5pm is pretty straight forward to use. If you have specific moments you want to address - email questions to support [at]

    As about forwards - you can create tasks in 5pm from emails. So you can forward emails as well. But the email forwarding it should be linked to a user in 5pm. You will not be able to email them back, since tasks will be created by the user that forwarded the emails, not the originator. You can't communicate from 5pm with users not having a 5pm account. Here is more on email integration:

    For that you need, check smartQ. It supports external users:
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