Email reply to message does not work

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I created a new message and emailed it to the project team. When I tried to reply to the message (Figure 1 in attached Image), I received an error notification that I have no rights to create a task (Figure 2 in attached Image). What is formatted incorrectly in my reply email, or is there something wrong with how I sent it?

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  • Since you asked your question on the public forum, I will answer you here. But if you want to keep the details private - use our email support [at]

    The problem happens because you are answering from a different email - bthomas@unleashed-********.com" (I did hide some parts of the email) that is registered as a client in your system - "The Hulk". A Client has not enough rights.

    The Admin Ben Thomas has the email ben.thomas@unleashed-********.com - if you use that email box, everything will work fine.
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