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email task team on new task created by e-mail

Is there a way for 5pm to e-mail the task team when a new task is created by e-mail?

I have a web app setup, that someone can submit a request for a new project on our website. The web app will send an e-mail to 5pm, and assign the appropriate project team by copying the team members on the e-mail.

Once the task is created in 5pm, I'd like the team members to receive a second message letting them know the task was created and proving them links into the 5pm application.

I've tried using settings > Notify by default > Task Team. This works when I create a new task inside the 5pm app, but not when a new task is created from e-mail.

Also, is there a way to assign team members to a new task other than copying them on the message. I'd prefer they only receive the e-mail from 5pm with the links, but I can handle that by setting up email filters to file/archive the message from me.
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