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Gantt Grief (Timeline Printing Problems)

I am trying to print a timeline (Gantt Chart) for a meeting and cannot get the report to size in an appropriate way. The chart is always centered and fills a single page in portrait orientation even when selecting landscape in my print settings. My chart is long, with over 60 tasks. It is super frustrating and produces a completely useless print out with unreadably small text.

What I want is it to print in landscape orientation filling the page width and to break the timeline's task list across pages without them getting cut off by the printer's unprintable edge areas. When I tried the grid print option, my chart was missing two months in the middle edges.

If timeline print out has not been developed to work at this point, I would offer that you cannot expect proper printing if you are rendering an image for the whole chart. 5pmweb is going to have do more to setup the print job in the web interface. If the user selects a single page vs grid layout, orientation, paper size and page fill settings and then the images are rendered to fill the appropriate space, then the user can produce a proper print out and trim the pages if needed.
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  • Print feature in Timeline is a very complex feature - the version you see now was released last year and introduced the possibility to print just a section of the Timeline or print it on multiple pages. Big Timelines are indeed too small to fit on one page.

    The complexity is due to the parts we can not control - how various printer drivers and print settings translate the information we send to them.

    With landscape/portrait mode, for example, we found out that when printing, the printer ignores those settings. In order to make it print in landscape, open the Printer settings BEFORE you print the timeline and set the "landscape" as the default. We display a message about it in our popup window... Give it a try - it should work.

    As about splitting the Timeline in multiple pages - you will have to play with the page border settings. Printers can indeed cut off some printable information on the edge of the pages. There is just so much we can control from our side. Once again - try to set those settings as default, before you print the Timeline.

    Also, when experimenting with printer functions, I suggest printing into PDF (you will need Adobe plugin installed). This way you can print it into a file. It is faster and can save a lot of paper while experimenting.

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