How to assign one task from one member to another


I've a task with 2 members. The first one should start with the task, the other should finish it.

I'am the admin and create the task and choose 2 users. So, the first user start with the task and finish his part. Aftwards the second user should see that he should take action.

So, my problems:
The 2 users can't edit the task, so they can't change the status of the task.

None of them could edit the task to add e.g. a special tag (e.g. georgneedtotakeaction)

So, the users have e.g. 40 tasks and want to know at which task they should take action.

Is there a way to achive this without giving them admin rights?

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  • Users CAN edit a task if they are part of the task team. Are you sure you are adding them to the task team? Maybe you simply select them for the email notification, but do not actually add them to the team?

    If they are part of the team they can edit the tasks, change the status and add tags. Also, they can filter the tasks that are assigned to them - use the filter on the top of the left panel.
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