iCal Calendar Subscription Issue

We're trying out 5pm and have the directions from the help page in order to synch with iCal. It appears that the iCal menus have changed so the help section doesn't quite match.

When I subscribe to calendar by linking to URL in 5pm, it disappears in iCal right away.

Any suggestions? Thx!
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  • It still works as described in Help. The Subscribe function is located in File>New Calendar Subscription.

    Make sure you copy the link from 5pm first. Use the links with "event" in them - those are the ones that will appear on the calendar. Then copy the link using right click. This link should be posted into the "New Calendar Subscription" dialogue. The link will look like: http://demo.5pmweb.com/ical.php?go=2eb6cf7108ecb50df7abcb4dddf51642&mystuff=1&event=1 (you can actually use this one for a test).

    Once you paste the link and submit the form, the events will appear in your Apple Calendar.

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