Issue on Closing Out the Desktop Time Tracker

When I close out of the deskop time tracker, I have to go into the Windows Task Manager and end the process before I can reopen the time tracker. I'm not sure if that is an issue on my end or your end. Looking for a solution. I am using it on a Windows 7 system. Thanks
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  • The "x" button does not close the TimeTracker - it simply minimizes it to the tray - you should see a "5pm" icon in your bottom right, by the clock. This way you can have TimeTracker run in background, without covering your screen and you can re-open it at any time by clicking on that icon in the tray.

    You can not start another TimeTracker app since one is already running. To close (exit the app) the TimeTracker - use right click on "5pm" icon in the tray.

    I hope it explains it.
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