Task deadlines change when they are marked as done

I have noticed that when you mark a task (or project) as done, it changes the deadline to that day. Is there any way to prevent this?

Here are the problems it is causing for us when the deadline moves:
• It shifts the subtask deadlines
• When we clone the task (for example, to repeat it for the next month), we want the new task to show the original span of time, not the shortened time based on when the task was finished the previous month. (For example, if the task is given 10 days from the start date to the deadline, but last month we completed it in 7, we still want this month to show the full 10.)
• It is an inaccurate representation of the deadline. (For example, if the deadline is the 15th and you complete a task on the 10th, in real life, the deadline was still the 15th, you just completed it early. Or vice versa with being late.)

Is there a setting somewhere that I can change to stop this from happening?
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