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Tickets, how can clients use them?

How can I best use tickets for clients? The main problem we need solved is how to deal with daily emails from our clients requests for new updates on their website. Can we set it up to where a client can submit a ticket to the project name without giving them access to the project? How have you dealt with this issue in the past and please provide the best way to get around this.
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  • Though you can easily submit tasks into 5pm through emails, only people registered in 5pm can do that.

    What you describe is a Help Desk app.

    To do something like that in 5pm you would either need to create a custom form and then use email or our API to create the tickets from and existing 5pm user... or you could use some kind of email redirect (clients email a specific email, that is a user in 5pm and that email forwards the email to 5pm, so it's created as a task by that 5pm user). Both solutions sound tricky though.
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