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Update entries from the desktop time widget

Since we started using 5PM about a month ago, our support department has ben SCREAMING to my face, that something needs to be done about the desktop time widget.

Here's the issue:
John is sitting, working on a task. He's tracking time on the desktop widget and everything is good. The phone rings, it's a customer with a support issue and he now needs to stop what he's working on, find the customer and start tracking time on this.

Here is problem #1. If you - like us - have A LOT of projects (and clients) it's insanely hard to find the right one. A simple search function would be great (i know you can punch in the first letter in the drop-down menu - but it's not really working that well)

After he's done taking the support call, he needs to get back to his previous task. This is where problem #2 happens

There is a log in the widget showing the previous entries - WHY is it not possible to continue tracking directly from these log entries, by simply clicking the and pressing "play"... now THAT would be awesome.

... and the support department would get off my back! :-D
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