View overall hours?

1.) Is there a way to add estimated hours to a project?
2.) Is there a way to see total hours per project? Here's my current setup:

(Project) University of David
----------- (Task) Renderings
-------------------- (Sub-task) Rendering v1 (2hrs)
-------------------- (Sub-task) Rendering v2 (2hrs)
-------------------- (Sub-task) Rendering v3 (2hrs)
----------- (Task) Builds
-------------------- (Sub-task) Build v1 (2hrs)
-------------------- (Sub-task) Build v2 (2hrs)
-------------------- (Sub-task) Build v3 (2hrs)
----------- (Task) QA
-------------------- (Sub-task) QA v1 (2hrs)
-------------------- (Sub-task) QA v2 (2hrs)
-------------------- (Sub-task) QA v3 (2hrs)

As you can see, for each project that I create, I create several tasks with sub tasks. Currently there's no way for me to check the parent task to see total hours for, let's say, Renderings. Is there a way to do do is? In addition to that, is there a way to view total hours logged against a project?

I understand that you can kind of do this by accessing the Reports tab, searching for the Project and generating a report but this just seems like it's extra steps just to view total hours spend on a task or a project.
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  • 1. There is no specific report to show you the Estimated Hours for the whole project.
    We should look into that...

    2. Yes, Time Report does exactly that - shows you the spent hours and the estimated ones. And it sums it up for you too. Adding all this data to the main interface would make it slower, since it would require extra calculations each time something changes. This is why reports work better for that... But this is something to consider... Like a general Project status...
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  • Hmmm ok. Thanks. Our current Project Management system does this to where you can see it all in one view. For someone who has 50 projects open at it time, I can see this being a very tedious task to have to generate a report on a daily basis for each task just to review hours.

    Anyways, thanks for the quick response.
    • You do not need to do it for each task. Simply add the Hours column to the left screen (right click on column headers) - it will sum for you the total hours spent on the task and put them against estimated hours. At the project level those totals do not make so much sense since they do not reflect the real picture... Some tasks may take longer and are already using extra hours, some are the opposite case... summing it all up hides the real picture.

      Add the Hours column to the left panel and see how it works for you.
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