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I’m hot

What the heck is hotness?

Hey y'all, we always get a lot of questions about hotness, so I wanted to describe what it is and then see what you guys think. Soooo, from the FAQ:

"What does it mean if a photo is "hot"?

When a photo is submitted to a photo challenge or open theme, the photos that the community likes best become 'hot.' Hotness is determined automatically by factors including number of votes, comments, views, and favorites. Hot photos have a banner to the right of the photo that links to more hot photos within the theme. A photo's hotness is not permanent, but can change based on how the community is responding to other photos in the theme."

So, to clarify, the JPG staff doesn't select hotness at all--it's automatically determined by a formula that takes all those factors into account. If your photo used to be hot and now isn't (but nothing changed in terms of your faves and votes, etc), it probably means that another photo within that same theme became hotter and was awarded the hotness badge. It can (and does) change on a daily basis...

What do you guys think about hotness?
  • At current count, I HAVE 35 HOT PHOTOS. Almost ALL of my first two pages are HOT. 35 images. So what does this mean? Apparently, not much.
    Personally, I DO believe I do good work, and I DO believe I know what good work is. I have Masters from an Ivy League University.
    But will it matter?
    I think not.

    35 HOT PHOTOS, which should mean my work is consistently good. And I do NOT do pics that are, by standards of fine art photography, unnacceptable. I don't do flowers, kittens, old barns and old trucks, that lone tree. My years at University taught me, you just don't deluge a saturated art market with the tired old same. So, I do not.
    I also do dark room work, use a medium format camera, and do not alter my images, and yet, they are still hot.
    But will I ever get published here?
    I doubt it.

    I don't know anyone here at the magazine, I only know photography. The published selections should be about excellence, not pals.

    Of course, I'd wish everyone well, and say "Hooray" to those of you who do this photography for the sheer pleasure of the art. But for ME, my ultimate goal is of being published.

    The rest of this, I could just as well do at home, on my own, without all the drama, romance, mystery and nuttiness! I may just be at the wrong magazine!
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