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How to set Lead Owner on insert?

We have a complicated process to set the Owner for a Lead based on the lead's zip code. It is logic that may be too complex for Assignment rules. However, I can do it using a SQL lookup table, but the problem is even though I am setting an OwnerId column to a valid UserId, when I run sf_bulkops to insert the records it still defaults to the default Lead Owner that is specified in Lead Settings.

How can I override this and get Salesforce to use the OwnerId that I am uploading?

I tried adding "AssignmentRuleHeader,useDefaultRule,false" to the end of the bulkops but that didn't seem to have any effect. (Maybe because we have no default rule anyway, just a default user).

Is there any option I can specify in the Insert query to set the OwnerId to the value I want it to be?

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