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I’m ambitious

How about putting together a monthly newsletter?

I'm thinking about a monthly newsletter to hand out to people at a2b3. The idea is that this would be a piece of paper that would give people at a glance what they need to know for the month, in a format that would also serve as a useful reminder for anyone who was not at the event itself.

It would extra super duper ideal if said piece of paper could be filled full of data that was automatically extracted from existing pages or databases or calendars on the net, and so updating it would not be a special task but just a side effect of doing the right thing for
some other purpose, with the goal of having the online piece correct so that many people don't need to see the paper piece.

I'm imagining columns or sections for
- a calendar of events, derived from
- a list of employment related items, derived from ???
- some kind of unclassified advertising a la craigslist
- business card sized and shaped display advertising

What I don't want is a huge headache and hassle for anyone to do this, and I don't want an enormous expense. That said, it would certainly be useful to add a monthly synchronization to the weekly meeting process if only to create an added
biorhythm to the mix. Suggestions welcomed.
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