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Download user Waypoints and Drawings

Is it possible to download waypoints or drawings that I've drawn in abadata?
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  • Hi Cheryl,
    It is possible to download waypoint data from AbaData 2.0.  Just turn the Waypoint layer on under the Map Display menu, and go into the Manage Groups tab and make sure to turn on only the groups you want to download.  Then, select the waypoints on the map by dragging a box across them using the Select tool.  They will show up highlighted in yellow.  Click on the Select report icon and do a Waypoint Report.  This will extract the waypoint data, including the location.  You can then export the data in Excel or CSV or other formats.
    We just developed functionality to export a drawn line as a shapefile to help AbaData 2.0 users submit Shapefiles to the AER's OneStop pipeline application system, but otherwise there is no way to export drawn objects on AbaData 2.0 yet.  It is something we will look at expanding.

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