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Need a bookmarklet sidebar function to excerpt Web text

TL would do very well to implement a sidebar bookmarklet such as's. Especially for excerpting existing Web text, here are some functions it should have:

- Copy Selected text to the composition field

- Copy source page title and URL to the composition field (option for above or below Selected text)

- Have a Tweet Break function to end the Tweet cleanly without sloppy anticipation of the text body. This way the user can use the tweet for his own introduction of the excerpt.
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  • Stuart (Official Rep) August 31, 2009 09:34
    That would be a great idea. If I get time at some stage I'll look into it, but if you want to implement something that would be great and I'll link it up on the site an give you credit.

    Regarding the tweet break, the problem still mostly comes from the majority of messages being posted from third party clients.

    I also had a quick test of this and it turns out there is way more clickthrough to the full message when it terminates in the middle of a sentence. When it looks like a full idea and then a link people tend to ignore the link.
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