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regarding the home page of twitlonger.

Dear Sir,
When we come to visit the homepage and sign in with twitter, the same page appears againg and again and we are not able to use it properly. When we clear the cookies of in the internet options as well, it does not work . And we are not able to write anything on it for what it has been made i.e. to twit - longer. And this is how yours as well ours purpose fails. So, kindly do something for it sothat if someone login to it, it works properly. When we try to login it with twitter, this page
appears which says that it can read tweets, see my followers and to whom I am following,update my profile and may post to my tweets for me. But when, I see the application setting at my twitter account, it does not show twitlonger in that list.Why?
Why am I not eligible to post twitlonger it I want to?
Thanking you,

Sanjay Mehrotra.
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