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Photo of Annie
ActiveGrade Sunset announcement
In order to focus on the creation of a next generation standards-based gradebook inside of Haiku Learning, we will be sunsetting ActiveGr...
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Photo of Scott Schaefer
Snapshot View
One of the places where ActiveGrade is being used in our schools is by support/resource teachers. These may be teachers who have special...
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Photo of JK
Transferring scores!
I had several students transfer to other periods and when I unenrolled them from the classes and then added them to the new classes, thei...
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Photo of Rob
Decaying Average
I'm trying to understand your decaying average formula. I saw your example on your web page. Your example was Decaying Average (65% newes...
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Photo of Anne Webb
Standards Order
When I create new standards in a particular class, the order changes randomly. If possible, I would like them to stay in numeric order. ...
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Photo of John Faig
shared rubric idea
I would love to have a shared rubric, where students and I both grade their work
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