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add subtasks to replies

This would help so much. We are talking to clients and other folks about what we're doing. Being able to have the subtasks appear in a reply would save a ton of time. Especially since copying subtasks to the clipboard is very hard to do. Even adding a "copy subtasks to clipboard" would suffice.

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    In an effort to explain things clearly a common term used to define my role is as a web freelancer. I manage internet stuff for clients who may have a few departments sending me requests. There is usually one or two folks who need to be aware and have input on all the requests, as a whole.

    At any given time I might have 10 requests from a single client. I create ONE new task that I refer to as my ‘master’. I then add sub tasks to the master. The Masters’ sub tasks are used as a running status of all the open requests.

    * I don’t usually send the Master to a client. It’s always just for me. Once a week I’ll update my clients. This is where I want to get the list of sub tasks to the clipboard. I want to paste it into a new email.
    * Unfortunately, this can get messy. If the client responds to my weekly update with details about one of the sub tasks I need to copy it to the original thread.
    * This means that the original request may also have sub tasks too, like “waiting for programmers re: script failed to create PDF”.
    * Often I clean out a master and ‘close’ it at the end of the month and start a new one.
    * If a request is too large to managed this way it becomes a “project”. I use a separate project management app (FreedCamp) for that.

    EXAMPLE: Master Task List...

    EXAMPLE: Master Task List with original request email...
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