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I’m frustrated

Add To Drop-Down Menu Problems

I don't like that all of the different label types are now only accessible in a single combined drop-down menu. The part that expands for each label type for me is only big enough to show 1-2 items at a time:

If I want to add a new label within one of the label types, I have to expand that label type then VERY CAREFULLY scroll to the bottom of that subsection - without scrolling so far that the whole screen scrolls down to the bottom of the email itself - then select the category-specific "Add item". If I don't scroll just right, I lose my place and have to start all over again.

If this is the new norm, I might have to give up using custom label categories altogether, as they are simply too cumbersome to create (adding an existing one works fine if and only if you know what to search for and therefore can avoid the scrolling issue).
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