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Adjust the size and position of pinned boxes in the inbox.

I have a rather high-res screen and the design of the "inbox boxes" which I can pin, showing all emails in certain !-lists etc is too long to be practical.

For example, if I want to use the "checkout"-button (or change AIB data, due dates etc) in these box lists I have to hover the mouse at the far right to activate the command line, and then look far left to see that I actually are picking the correct email. And then back again to perform the command (set due date etc).

And the length of the box is not required for the usage. It would be much better if I could, for each pinned box, set two grid values of some kind, and a priority variable (or even better, be able to drag the boxes around, of course), to set size and position of the box. In that way I could have a lot more boxes open, and have a clearer picture of what I need to do with the emails.

I did a little mockup here, how it could look (of course the content of the boxes need to be altered to comply with the size):

Image here

What you thoughts on this?

With kind regards,
- Johan.
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