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Cursor loosing focus

Hi. I'm finding the AI UI becomes unstable, usually (weirdly) from around 13:00 GMT. When I'm composing emails I keep losing my cursor from the text field and then key presses seem to fire up random keyboard shortcuts within Gmail, dep[ending on which key I hit. I've noticed that in the bcackground the refresh button flashes, followed by the "Loading...." notification box at about 10 second intervals. This happens on my work PC, my own iMac and MacBook irrespective of where I am or which network I'm connected to (including Northern Rail). Originally I thought the issue was due to proxy server access at work, but given that this happens wherever I am I think the origin must be server side. My guess is that there might be a sync issue between AIB and GMail. I've also noticed that my to-do list takes a while to download at work. Help! This is a reallu annoying glitch.
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