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Drop activeinbox buttons in mail view

I'm very happy with less clutter in the mail view, and the way that various labels have been condensed into one button. Even if I takes a bit longer to get to the desired activeinbox label to me its worth it.

I've noticed however that labels are duplicated. I have one set of labels in the notes view from activeinbox and right below another set of almost same labels from gmail.
This was also the case in v5 however right now it more obvious and I wonder whether it wouldn't be a good idea to drop activeinbox labels. They don't have any additional function now and dropping them would even further reduce clutter.

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  • No no no! Please, no! :-)

    I feel fairly strongly about this. AIB cleans up its internal vs. user labels in the blue box. The stock Gmail label area does not, resulting in a tremendous amount of wasted attention on useless label clutter:

    ZD/20140829 This_is_my_project_prefix/ProjectName !Action My_Label

    Did you see how painful it was to read that last line, just to be able to see "My_Label"? And to extract ProjectName as the true name of the project?
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