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Gmail api cutoff is march 31 2019, just a few days away.

Google is making changes.

I just got an email from IFTTT that they are no longer supporting gmail due to this.

Looks like one of my applets will no longer work. This prompted me to look at what else uses this api. I've got some minor self created stuff that sends to me from me pretty much everyday and.....Right..... you guys.

I've currently got 5 users in my group manager tab and a 6th thats asked to be added. I searched the forum but the only api notes are from the last major revision. Nothing regarding the current change that was announced in Oct 2018.

Is ActiveInbox going to continue to work? Have you done this review process they are talking about? Since you fully read and can send data I'm guessing this affects ActiveInbox.

I'm hoping this is all taken care of and I can rest easy as far as ActiveInbox goes.

I was going to email but then I read this.

Use the Forum if possible for priority

If you'd like to discuss any ways we can improve ActiveInbox, or have any other general questions, please drop by the Forum.

We prioritise it over email, because everything is better when we can all share in the answer, or openly discuss our ideas for product decisions.

OK, that fair. I'm sure others will like to hopefully rest easy as well knowing its not an issue.... right?
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