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Gmail labels too slow

I'm not sure if this is a common problem or not--a few searches google did not lead me to an obvious answer. My biggest obstacle to implementing ActiveInbox (and probably buying Plus) is that Labels are, for all intents and purposes, too slow to be usable for me in Gmail. Does anyone know why that is the case?

When I click on the labels button or press L, it takes several seconds (like 5...6...7) before it responds, which leads me to wonder if the system didn't register what I did. 99% of the time, it has been registered, but it takes Gmail so long to respond, it's not worth using. When I'm really focused on getting things organized, I don't have the patience to wait like that every single time; and if I have a LOT of email to organize, forget it.

Does anyone know why this occurs for me? It seems to be true across browsers and systems. I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.04 on a netbook, using Firefox and Chrome, but it doesn't seem to be directly related to that and all the other buttons respond normally.
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