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I’m thankful

Honey, I'm Home!

After taking a hiatus from AIB (I made my system too complicated!), which involved trying out other Mobile Apps like Spark that tied me to managing my email on my phone, I was tired of seeing one view on my mobile device but another while on the GMail web site. My inbox was a mess! I started reading the "Zen to Done" book and realized the error of my ways (creating a complicated system that kept me too busy managing the system rather than my emails), I knew it was about time to give AIB another go - where I could manage from within GMail AND my phone.

After downloading the mobile app and spending just one hour sorting through my emails and waaaay old To Dos, I'm 14 emails away from total Inbox Zero, and I couldn't be happier! And this follows me to my mobile device. I'm in love all over again. The new design is functional, beautiful, but also stays out of your way if you don't need it. I'm sorry I strayed (it was me, not you!), but I'm back and happier than ever!
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