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How do I get the most recent version of AIB?

What is the most recent version of AIB that I should have? I have a beta version, and it always seems to have trouble loading, so I thought I should try the regular version. How would I upgrade to the most recent version?
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  • Hello Megan

    You shouldn't have any issues loading the beta version. We're on v51, which was released this morning. Can you delete the extension you have installed now, and then reinstall from here:

    If you have any issues loading/seeing AIB in your inbox, can you send in the following:

    * A screenshot of all extensions you have installed: Chrome:extensions
    * A screenshot of your entire browser as you are in Gmail.

    You can either add them here, or send them to me via email, for privacy, if you prefer:

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support
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