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Incoming messages to some group email address do not display properly in lists

Some incoming messages that come in for a group email address and are then assigned to an action or list are missing the from address and the message preview in the list display. They display the subject and the labels and a radio button as if they were tasks but there are not tasks associated with the message.

This is only for group messages that are resigned by Google to display the from address in the format "XYZ via ". I found this info from Google on why the from address gets changed on certain group messages:

This used to work fine but has been an issue for 2-3 weeks now. The screen shot shows a direct message, a group message that is not resigned, and then the last one is a group message that comes in and is resigned - meaning the from address is changed by google to be in the format "XYZ via ". As you can see the last message is not displaying properly - only the subject line is displayed.

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