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  • November 08, 2018 08:33
    Lisa Reynolds (AIB Support)
    Change in reply by Lisa Reynolds (AIB Support) to Hello @Joe - matched up your email - I've replied to you @Leesa OK, so Gmail having been forcing people onto the new version for the last few weeks. It might not have hit you yet, but very soon/imminently, you won't be given a choice as to being on the new version - they are just going to turn the old one off. We've not changed anything on v6, which is the version of AIB that you're likely to be on, since before March, so the issues are being caused by something that Gmail have done to their old version. We've had other users with the same problem move to the new Gmail, and everything is working as it should. Are you able to go to the new version? <b>Lisa Reynolds</b> <b>AIB Support</b>.

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