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I’m puzzled

Is the new notes field searchable?

I just signed on to another year of ActiveInbox Plus, and I'm still trying to get it all configured. I have a lot of long and nested labels. I'm starting to abbreviate where I can, which helps, but it's still such a chore to seek and type what I need.

So, I was wondering if maybe I could narrow them way down by adding keywords to the notes. Instead of having Personal/Home/Organizing and Personal/Home/Repairs I could just have a Personal label or Personal/Home label and then put the keyword(s) Home and/or Repairs in a note.

I've really been having a tough time trying to weigh the benefits of a comprehensive structure against how much time it costs to maintain it. I think I'm coming down on simplicity side now, and keywords would help so I'm not constantly seeking/typing complicated labels.

Hope that makes sense! And, thanks for any suggestions.
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