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Labels not being applied to compose messages

Sometimes, when applying a label/folder to an email within the compose window, the name of the folder will appear, but the button will not turn blue. When this happens, the label never gets applied. After sending, I have to go find the email and re-apply the label. See screenshot below. The folder name is "NHT4". But the button is not blue, therefore if I go find the email in my Send folder, the label is missing. Thanks.
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  •  Hello Steven 

    The new version of AIB works directly with Google, so we hold your action (due dates, list labels etc.) securely until Google updates and adds them.

    This means ActiveInbox will update immediately, but Gmail may lag until you refresh it. The key is to start to trust that nothing will be lost with ActiveInbox... even in a freak case, and you have a problem and you have to contact us, all your changes are queued up until they're completed. 

    The labels are added. If you are sure that they aren't, can you take a video of you adding a label to an email, and then a few minutes later going back and showing it's never been added please?

    You can send it to us via email:

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support 
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