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more granularity on 'wait until'

I frequently have emails/tasks that I need to followup on in a few hours or after lunch. Things I'm waiting to hear back from a college on that I expect to hear back on soon. Or maybe something that I scheduled 'wait until' today - but now I'm parsing my inbox in the morning and I realize I meant 'after noon today'.

I'd like to put those tasks back to sleep, but not until tomorrow - just for a few hours.

It would be awesome if the date-picker for 'wait until' included more granularity, and allowed me to specify a specific hour.
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  • Hello John

    We’re not likely to change the way the due dates work to add a time as we made it on purpose so you can see at the start of your day everything you have marked that needs something doing that day.

    A workaround could be that you add a second label of ‘AM’ or ‘PM’, or you could go further and make it ‘Mon-AM’ ‘Mon-PM’ to be more specific.

    Would that work for you?

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support
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  • That's a workaround - but it means I need to remember to clear out that context each day, which adds more overhead and process.

    Time is also better because I might need noon, 5p, 8p, etc. and I don't want to make so many contexts.

    What I really need is a 'hide for 1-23 hours'. Anything longer than that I'm happy to review in the morning. But when I do my morning review, I want to get to inbox zero. When I'm 'waiting' for hours on something - I can't get to inbox zero, and so I'm never 'done'.
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