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MS Office 365 Plugin

Hey ActiveInbox folks!

First off, I'll say that I've been an ActiveInbox user for several years now, and it has become essential for my work flow now.

Sad news, unfortunately, is that my company has been acquired and has now migrated over to Office 365. (I'm really missing my gmail...)

Anyways, I feel so lost without ActiveInbox, and its biggest reason I'm not liking Outlook right now. I don't see any chance of our company switching back anytime soon, so....

Any chance of an outlook 365 plugin on the roadmap?

Any ideas for how to still use ActiveInbox (other mail client or something)?

Otherwise, any recommendations for a competitor's app that comes close to ActiveInbox? I've spent hours searching, mailbuttler was the closest I found but doesn't jive well with conversation view and tasks/notes get buried in the thread. I would love to stay an ActiveInbox customer, just not sure if that's an option anymore.

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  • Hello Jason

    I don't know why people/companies move over to Outlook, it's so grim!

    We might support it at some point, I know we've been asked on and off over the years, but it's not on the roadmap at the moment.

    We have had other people who's companies have moved to Outlook, and they've just pulled their email through a generic email address so they could carry on using AIB. I don't know if that works for every type of setup, but if you can get the server details, you might be able to do it.

    I don't know of any Outlook similar option as I don't use Outlook.

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support
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