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I’m frustrated

new g suite new gmail interface not so nice for active inbox?


we recieved an update with our google for g-suite gmail client.
active inbox is not working propperly. When are you goinig to be compatible with the new UI ?
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  • Hello Patrick

    ActiveInbox has been working with new Gmail, since it was launched in May.

    We have 2 versions you can choose to use:

    The mainstream version, which you can download from our website. Please note that this was the initial version launched to make sure AIB worked with new Gmail. It doesn’t have all features added, such as the toolbar on compose and reply.

    The beta version, which you can get from our beta channel. The beta version has all features added in, and there’s lots more beside, most of which isn’t visible, but is to do with data integrity, working with Gmail in different ways, and is the version that will be the mainstream version in a very short time. It’s completely stable, however it is a beta version, so there will be glitches that happen.

    We’re working constantly (only) on the beta version, so when glitches come up, we’re fixing and updating, usually the same day, or depending on the time of day (we’re in the UK), the next day.

    You can get the beta version from here:

    The beta is a complete rewrite of a decade’s worth of code so will be the best version ever, going forward.

    The new AIB (v7) also has a new look so you have a more
    streamlined toolbar on compose/reply:

    On Compose, the bar remains greyed out until you add an email address. You use 'Edit Task' to add a due date, list label, task or note.

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support
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