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New Gmail - New AIB v7 - Error Reporting Here Only Please!


If you're on the new Gmail, we're already working with it!

Please note that the Gmail update is still in beta, therefore so is our V7 (Andy's comment below details what V7 is!) :-)

You can really help us by reporting specific errors, but please do it on this thread only, and add full details of the error:

* what version of AIB you have installed (see in your Chrome Extensions list, it'll be something like 7.0.4 or 6.0.68, etc)
* what browser you're on and the version
* exact details of the error you are reporting (steps to recreate it)
* screenshots showing the errors

If someone has already reported the exact same issue, feedback or suggestion as you, please just 'comment' on their post with 'me too', so we don't end up with loads of the same thing.

Andy and Remi will come here to see what's happening, work on issues reported, and let you know when newer updates are released.

PLEASE NOTE: I've had to make a new post as I wasn't able to edit the info in the main body of the original one.

Lisa Reynolds
AIB Support
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