I’m hoping that you can reproduce and fix this

New (November 2012) Gmail composer experience broken for longer message text

In, I find the new (November 2012) Gmail composer experience broken:
The "Compose Mail" sub-window tries to adjust its size to the amount of text, but is held back by something. This results in flickering when I move around in the text, and missing scroll bars.

To reproduce, start to compose a new text and grow it somewhat larger than the sub-window. As you enter line after line, the text will start to scroll, but no scroll bar appears. This is so because Gmail decides to grow the sub-window, but something else (AIB) keeps its size constant. That's why it flickers -- Gmail sets the larger size, and then AIB shrinks it back to the original size.

Go to the top of the text and then use the down arrow key to walk to the bottom of the text. It will not work. The sub-window will flicker violently, and the text remains visible from the first row instead of scrolling.

Please notice that I'm using a tall screen (turned it into portrait format) -- maybe this is limited to such configurations?

Let me know if you cannot reproduce this.
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