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I’m frustrated

Overdue and Today break my gmail

I click on my Overdue button, and the following query is produced that breaks my Gmail (it enters into a "retrying..." loop). (label:zd-20111103 OR label:zd-20111108 OR label:zd-20111110 OR label:zd-20111112 OR label:zd-20111119 OR label:zd-20111121 OR label:zd-20111122 OR label:zd-20111125 OR label:zd-20111129 OR label:zd-20111130 OR label:zd-20111201 OR label:zd-20111203 OR label:zd-20111205 OR label:zd-20111206 OR label:zd-20111210 OR label:zd-20111212 OR label:zd-20111213 OR label:zd-20111217 OR label:zd-20111219 OR label:zd-20111220 OR label:zd-20111223 OR label:zd-20111224 OR label:zd-20111225 OR label:zd-20111231 OR label:zd-20120101 OR label:zd-20120102 OR label:zd-20120103 OR label:zd-20120104 OR label:zd-20120107 OR label:zd-20120108 OR label:zd-20120109 OR label:zd-20120112 OR label:zd-20120113 OR label:zd-20120114 OR label:zd-20120116 OR label:zd-20120117 OR label:zd-20120118 OR label:zd-20120124 OR label:zd-20120128 OR label:zd-20120131 OR label:zd-20120201 OR label:zd-20120203 OR label:zd-20120204 OR label:zd-20120205 OR label:zd-20120208 OR label:zd-20120209 OR label:zd-20120211 OR label:zd-20120213 OR label:zd-20120214 OR label:zd-20120215 OR label:zd-20120216 OR label:zd-20120218 OR label:zd-20120219 OR label:zd-20120220 OR label:zd-20120221 OR label:zd-20120222 OR label:zd-20120223 OR label:zd-20120225 OR label:zd-20120226 OR label:zd-20120228 OR label:zd-20120229 OR label:zd-20120301 OR label:zd-20120303 OR label:zd-20120304 OR label:zd-20120305 OR label:zd-20120306 OR label:zd-20120310 OR label:zd-20120312 OR label:zd-20120313 OR label:zd-20120314 OR label:zd-20120315 OR label:zd-20120316 OR label:zd-20120317 OR label:zd-20120318 OR label:zd-20120319 OR label:zd-20120320 OR label:zd-20120322 OR label:zd-20120324)
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