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Please read before posting on the forum

Welcome to the forum! We're trying to make things easier to manage so *please* check if someone else has already added a thread about an issue or question you might have. It helps us to have everything related to one point on the same thread.

Also, can you please add your thread to the product it's related to:

* Desktop - Classic
* Desktop - v6
* Mobile - iOS
* Mobile - Android

If you can give as much information as possible, it helps us tremendously.


If you have a problem, please let us know the version of ActiveInbox you have installed, and if you're on Desktop, also the browser and browser version.

Also let us know the steps you're taking when something is going wrong.

If you're seeing an error - please add a screenshot.

Give as much detailed information as you can - it helps us try and recreate an issue you might be experiencing.

Always try and restart your browser before reporting an issue - it fixes a lot of things :)


If you have a question, again, let us know as much information as possible.


We LOVE suggestions and we're always grateful for them being sent in. What we need you to add is an example from your workflow so we can understand the underlying goal you're trying to achieve.

PRAISE can say as many nice things as you like about us - I'm not going to lie, it makes us all warm and nice feeling.

Lisa Reynolds
AIB Support
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