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Query capability and Query operations like SQL or simpler

(For me and I suspect for more users) it would be very useful if i could have a "queries" capability for your application
For example the simplest and most useful thing would be to ask outstanding issues (tasks, waiting, or Action emails) for specific dates.

More specifically it could be easy to ask in a form for starting and ending dates or equally easy if i had a "syntax" for quering : eg: 2016-06-01 to 2016-06-10

(This way we forget the "label:zd-20150908 OR .." way of asking things ..

Also useful could be if after that i could do some operations (like "set all these as done" ) (maybe exists this ?)

Imagination comes here and you can imagine other searchable things and capabilities or ways to interact with your useful application

Maybe you have thought about all these and already rejected the subject
Anyway i would like to know your thoughts on this subject - anytime
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