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Time estimates for tasks / planning the week

It would be very helpful if I could add a time estimate for each task in my to do list in order to help me plan my daily workload. And then have that attached to the due date so I can quickly see how many hours of work I need to do tomorrow for example.

It would also be great if I could see each individual day of the week in my radar not just today, tomorrow and this week. So I can plan ahead and schedule more tasks on days when I know I'll have more time etc
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  • Hello Sarah

    You can certainly add times to your tasks - just set up a T/ label and add times to it to add to your email. So T/15, T30 etc. 

    You'll be able to pull up all the T/15 you've marked when you've got a spare few minutes to get through a few things. 

    At the moment, I don't think we'll be adding what's coming up by day but I'm not saying we would never. The idea is you see at the start of the day what you've marked up for today so you can choose when you want to set time aside to work on them, rather than having emails drip feeding into your inbox all day. You can then see what you've marked for tomorrow, and everything else isn't urgent yet.

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support 
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