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Using AI as a Delegate

I am an Executive Assistant and my boss uses Active Inbox. I have "delegate" status on his gmail account. I have the active inbox extension on my google chrome. The combination of these makes it so that I can utilize active inbox, however there are some issues that come up that I need help with.
1) It doesn't allow me to open all his emails in the active inbox portion. Particularly if they're old. He can open them just fine, but when I select one, nothing happens.
2) The red box that appears at the top of the gmail page (next to the dots grid where you can find contacts, google docs, etc) does not come up for me.

Any advice? Is is just not a perfect system for use as a delegate?
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  • Hello Sosina

    The delegate feature is a Google/Gmail feature so we're always at their mercy if they change things which can affect whether AIB is able to still work with it.

    I know we had a few people (we do only have a small number using delegate access anyway who have let us know) say that since the new Gmail was launched they've had similar issues.

    I'll ask our devs if they are able to look into it. I know it won't be for a couple of weeks as we're finishing off a huge server migration and updating our billing system.

    I'll come back to you as soon as I've got an update.

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support
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