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I’m confused

'Waiting on' label disappeared from messages

I had about 30 active messages with "waiting on" labels, now none are showing up when I hit the waiting button. I can't find a label for "waiting" on the left hand side or anywhere else.
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  • Hello John

    Is this on the beta version? If so, can you add it to the official beta thread please - we're trying not to have separate threads for the beta version, so we can have all issues, updates from the dev team and information in one place:

    In v7 we don't interact with the sidebar anymore, but you can see your Waiting On items in Radar; they will be greyed out as they are deemed not as important as your 'Action' etc. items.

    If it's not the beta, can you let me know what version of AIB you have installed.

    Lisa Reynolds
    AIB Support
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