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Wednesday 21 August - ActiveInbox is Down - Update Thread


I've set an out of office reply to make sure everyone gets to see that we know about the issue everyone is having quickly.

To recap, if you sent in an email before I was able to set up the auto-reply:

We are down at the moment. I don't currently know why. It could be related to Google, or it could be something internal. Andy is currently flying and so won't receive my messages about the problem until he lands.

He will, of course, investigate as soon as he's able to, so everyone is back up and running. He's flying from London to the West Coast so I don't know exactly when he is due to land and with timezone, I don't know when he will be able to reply.

I won't have an update until he gets back to me, as it has to be him who looks into this issue then subsequently sorts out the fix.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. We've been working with Google for a couple of months on changes to fit in with their desired security protocols, which we've done. I don't know if it's something related to that that is causing the problem.

This will be the official update thread once I have any news, or when Andy can let us know what's actually happened.

Thank you in advance for your patience. We know and respect the fact that you rely on ActiveInbox to manage your workflow. Please know we don't take that lightly, and always strive to make sure things are working as smoothly as possible.

Lisa Reynolds
AIB Support
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