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How do I show First and Last links like expression engine natively does?

The pagination at the bottom of the expressionengine forums ( is what I would like to replicate, but with a padding of 3 links on each side of the current page link instead of 2.

The default EE pagination doesn't show the First link until the left most link is > 1, and it doesn't show the Last link until the right most link is < the total number of pages.

So I tried to incorporate that logic using the following:

But that didn't work. Being on the first page gave these values:
abp_entry_from = 1, abp_entry_to = 1, abp_current_page_num = 0
And being on page 2 gave these values:
abp_entry_from = 2, abp_entry_to = 2, abp_current_page_num = 1
So I couldn't use abp_entry_from and abp_entry_to as I'd hoped.

What should I change in code to get this to work?
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