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Discounts for small businesses

I recently spent over £2,500 on Adobe CS4 because I didn't want to use illegal software and was very disappointed that Adobe didn't offer any kind of discount for the small business man. I considered trying to get an educational version of the suite but again, I wanted to do it all above board and so I spent the money ... and it hurt; especially in the current climate. I then decided that as I'd just spent so much money buying the master collection that I would ask Adobe to give me a license for Flex Builder 3 as part of the suite ... they declined. The best they could do was offer me a small discount IF I'd ordered the Master Collection at the same time. Unfortunately I'd already ordered it online.

I'm not expecting you to be able to get me a license for FB3 and at the moment I'm holding out for Flex 4 and Catalyst anyway but if possible could you pass my story onto someone who might be able to make decisions in the future in regards to Adobe's pricing policy and in particular how they might be able to help out the small business man. We're not huge agencies with massive budgets and we can't subtly reclaim our software expenses from our huge clients ... buying the software we love really hurts us.
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