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Photo of Eric
Broken WorkFlow Emails
Does Workflow Task Reminders and Expiration email notifications work for you? They do not for me. I am being told of a "glitch" in the ...
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Photo of Dean Russell
Module Designer in Muse for BC
Wouldn't it be cool, if you could simply design the modules and elements within Muse that BC uses? And maybe even allow linking to d...
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Photo of SteveS
Need to recover lost mailboxes !!!!
I have made a serious mistake. I have changed the MX record for the my domain hosted with Business Catalyst. However I did not expect cha...
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Photo of Robert J. Bauer
Image problem in newsletters
Hello. Great forum. Much better than anything I have found from Adobe! Has anyone else had trouble making their photos appear in their ne...
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Photo of KHK
Making a Muse website Live with Mailbox
Good afternoon, I have a website I finished in Muse and I just want to make it live with one email added on so that my client can access ...
  • KH, 5 years ago

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