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Ableton 10.0.6 and Transfuser 2.0.7 -- Drum Bus Routing Issues

I'm running Windows 10, with Ableton Live 10 and Transfuser 2.

I have a drum bus set up in Ableton Live and I am trying to route my kick, mids and cymbals for my drum pads.

I have checked the settings to make sure the external/AUX switch is set to ON under Transfuser2 setting in the plugin.

It looks like the busses are set correctly, and I have been trying to ensure that I get audio out for that bus I assign.

What's interesting that Ableton does show the tiny VU meters for Pre and Post FX in the drop down, but nothing in the busses I set up for Transfuser. So, I know Ableton sees the incoming audio from Transfuser, but I get no audio at all.

I am assuming that if I routed my kick only to bus 1, I and I selected the same bus 1 with monitoring turned on, I would just get the kick. I am selecting another bus for my mids and another bus for my cymbals/highs.

What gives?
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  • I’m a friggin genius.

    I've figured out what was wrong. Even though in the settings of Transfuser2 you need to select external/AUX to ON, there is another toggle in Transufer2 in Ableton that also controls this!

    I expanded the Smart knobs setting for Transfuser2 in Ableton and clicked that on, and my busses routed without a hitch!

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