I’m disapointed

AIEP3 plugins stopped working due to License Verification Error

Dear community members,
I am hoping someone here will be able to assist me with my problem.
I have been using AIEP3 plugins in Samplitude host for over 6 months on my Windows laptop without problems.

However, since today, I am unable to start any of the plugins anymore. I get the following error:
Window title: License Verification Error - Transfuser

The software you're attempting to use cannon run because of hardware
changes made to your machine. To correct this situation, please
download and run the free iLok License Manager application located


If that does not resolve your issue, then please see the FAQ page on
ilok.com for further steps.

- I did not make any changes to my computer, so it should not be showing this error.
- I have also updated my iLok License Manager software and confirmed all my licenses for AIEP3 are activated properly.
(Note that I am not using an iLok key)

Can someone here please direct me on what I should be doing to resolve this issue?
I would really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,

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