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AIR Instruments in AIEP 3 are Awesome, but the Patch Browsers Need Updating

The Database search function in Structure is very useful for locating a particular type of sound based on keywords. This one is the exception to the comments that follow, as well as an example of what I am suggesting for the others.

The other synths for example, Xpand!2, Vacuum Pro, Hybrid3, and Loom all suffer from the basic drop-down list of patch categories, which is an idea that has been around forever.

For a go-to rompler style synth such as Xpand!2 to lack a patch search function is silly. There are some excellent preset sounds in here, but with over 2500 presets, it's a bear to find the sound you are looking for. Sure you could audition them all, but imagine if you could just search by keyword, etc.

It would also be nice to have this search in Vacuum Pro, Hybrid3, and Loom, which also have excellent preset libraries.

I think that this is a trend that new synths will need to have to be competitive. Take a look at the patch browser in Synthmaster or Synthmaster Player, for example, with 1250 factory presets. Search by: Instrument Type, Attributes, Music Style, Author, Bank, etc. Certainly narrows it down a bit, eh?

The same could be said for Arturia's Analog Lab 2, with over 5000 factory presets, which has a preset browser that lets you select by type and characteristics.

Since you already have functional search code in Structure, maybe it's time to at least consider updating the other synths with this feature, or better yet, maybe just a fresh start that works better with a modern GUI!
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